Monika ten Bruggencate - Artist
Below is a selection of recent figure paintings, still life paintings, and landscape drawings in pastel and charcoal. The three figure paintings were painted from life. One of my favorite painting media is pastel, aka. soft pastel, because of its purity of color, its tactile quality, and the textures that it allows me to create. I also love to draw with charcoal because of the simplicity of that medium. Click on an image to see a larger version of the painting or drawing.

Jesus in Blue                       Jesus in Yellow   
14x8.5in, pastel, $425       14.5x9in, pastel, $450
(framed)                             (framed)

                              Kent, pastel, 17x12in,         Linda, pastel, 25x18in,       Quetzel, pastel, 19x11in,
(43x30cm), $250                (60x48cm), $1250 (framed) (50x30cm), $900 (framed)

Who is the Man? (I), pastel, 19x24in,
(48x60cm), sold

Who's the Man? (II), pastel, 49x23in, $1900 (framed vertically)

Lemon and Brush, pastel, 8x10in        Pear (II), pastel, 6x6in
(20x25cm), $200                                 (15x15cm), $250 (framed)

Kauai, charcoal, 12x16in                   Point Reyes, charcoal, 12x16in
(30x40cm), $200                               (30x40cm), sold

All pieces are unframed unless otherwise noted. Not all my paintings and drawings are displayed. If you would like to see additional images, please contact me.